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Get a nice and affordable renovation with Rockingham Renos
Are you one of those homeowners who always take care of their own properties?
We couldn’t argue with you. Of course, our home should be one of our top priorities.
It is difficult to keep a home that is both comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing to live in. Especially if flaws in the house start to appear. Such as fading paint, outdated interiors, and insufficiently spacious areas.
However, this is quite normal, especially if your house is quite old.
But don’t worry; we have a solution that will assist you.
Rockingham Renos provides a selection of high quality house renovation services, as well as the installation of custom shelving storage.
Our home renovation and remodelling services include kitchen remodels, ensuite renovations, bathroom and outdoor makeovers, and the installation of soft close drawers and other high quality custom cabinets.
Aside from that we also have other minimal house makeovers, like painting, decorating and grout and silicone rejuvenation.
Household Renovations in Rockingham can provide these different home renovations, and remodelling services throughout the city. And we are also willing to travel to suburbs, throughout the Perth Metropolitan region.
So, when you decide to make major changes in your home, such as a house transformation.
It is important to hire a home renovation specialist who is skilled, does a quality job, and has a proper renovation process before the actual renovation or remodelling begins, to ensure a quality house makeover.
Here’s an overview of our different Rockingham house renovation services:
Household Renovations in Rockingham Services

Bathroom Makeover

Improve your bathroom space by having a fantastic ensuite renovation, installing a new bespoke cabinet, soft close drawers, or by painting and decorating to cover up flaws. So that you have the option of having a spacious, stylish, and cosy bathroom with Rockingham Renos’ bathroom makeover.

Kitchen Remodel

Say goodbye to your small, outdated interior design and old materials in your kitchen area with our kitchen remodel services, that you and your family will absolutely love. We can assist you in creating a more spacious kitchen, as well as selecting and installing various kitchen materials such as different types of benchtops, cupboards, quality custom cabinets, and splashbacks. Please visit our Kitchen Remodel page to learn more about these options.

Home Improvement

Do you want to give your home a new look? Rockingham Renos provide home renovations and remodelling services that will take your home to the next level. You can have an open plan living area, custom built house renos, grout and silicone rejuvenation, painting and decorating, or simply replace your old cabinets with new and high quality custom cabinets that you will love. For more information, please visit our Home Improvement Page.

Cupboards, Drawers, Shelving Storage

Don’t want to make major changes to your house? Don’t worry! Rockingham Renos provide and install a variety of shelving storage options for your desired home renovation, including bespoke cabinets and soft close drawers. In addition, we offer painting and decorating services, as well as grout and silicone rejuvenation. To learn more, visit our Home Improvement Page.

Patios, Decks, and Alfresco Living Areas

Tired of the same old boring outdoor spaces? Enhance it with an outdoor makeover from Rockingham Renos. In your Alfresco and Patio Areas, you can have a nice outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven and an extended living room. You can also build a deck and include an outdoor grill for a Barbie. To learn more about them, please visit the Patios, Decks, and Alfresco Living Areas Page.
Why Us?
Rockingham House Renovations ensure that whatever home renovations you require will be achieved.
Our home renovation specialists are trained and skilled professionals, who can assist you in deciding and selecting the best home improvement for your home based on your budget, style, and comfortability.
We also want you to have the best of the best in terms of outcomes.
That is why, before anything is done, we provide renovation consultation so that we can work with you on the details and specifics that you desire. From home renovation or remodelling to the selection of various materials.
Rockingham Renos is happy to assist you!

If you already know what home transformations you need for your home, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page, and we will get back to you.